Summaries of articles selected from the September 2013 issue of SarcoScoop, quarterly magazine of the Dutch sarcoidosis association. This issue’s theme: Nutrition

‘You are what you eat’ (pages 4-9): nutritional advice by doctors and food experts. Consuming antioxidants has a beneficial impact for patients with pulmonary fibrosis, research suggests.

sarcoscoop_2013_3_cover‘Pro’s and con’s of mindfulness’ (pages 10-12): Belgian television reports about risks associated with following self-proclaimed meditation teachers promising health and happiness. What has mindfulness to offer and what not? An interview with mindfulness experts and professional psychotherapists.

Column by Jeroen de Jong, pharmacist (page 13): ‘Don’t forget the food for the soul’. Enduring sarcoidosis requires a balanced approach with attention for nutrition as well as the mind.

‘Improving rehab for sarcoidosis patients’ (page 14): Utrecht’s Center for Interstitial Lung Diseases starts a research project to integrate patients’ experiences in rehab protocols. Participation sought of patients with inactive sarcoidosis and chronic fatigue symptoms.

‘Dexamethasone trial’ (page 15): report about a second research project by Utrecht’s Center for Interstitial Lung Diseases. Does a low dose of dexamethasone administered immediately after the diagnosed onset of sarcoidosis contribute to a milder disease pattern and less damage to small nerve fibers?

‘Follow your heart’ (pages 16-17): a testimonial by a sarcoidosis patient about a long and difficult process to find a new way of life. Many opportunities are intially overlooked and may be uncovered by touching suppressed emotional layers.

‘Jubilee party announced’ (pages 18-19): the Dutch sarcoidosis association will celebrate its 35th anniversary on November 16, 2013. Guest speakers include prof dr Jan Grutters (Utrecht), prof dr Marjolein Drent (Ede) and dr Marlies Wijsenbeek (Rotterdam).

‘Reflection on abundance’ (page 25): column by Lenneke Vente. There is an abundance of food and there is an abundance of food advice. Let’s use our common sense and retain our ability to enjoy a good meal without a sense of guilt.

‘Dr Zen’ (pages 26-27): dreaming aloud about a meditative neurologist with a holistic view of life and health, who prescribes yoga next to traditional medicine. A futuristic fairy tale by Jules Prast.

‘Award for regulatory T cell research’ (pages 30-31): the American Foundation for Sarcoidosis Research has awarded a grant to Caroline Broos, a resident researcher at the Sarcoidosis Center of Rotterdam’s Erasmus University hospital. Her research focuses on regulatory T cells which appear not to function properly in patients with sarcoidosis. Better understanding may contribute to decide if treatment is required.

Jules Prast is a contributing editor of SarcoScoop. The summaries above, however, are a personal selection. SarcoScoop is available in print only (not online). Please contact Jules if you’d like to know more about an article. Click here for the website of the Dutch sarcoidosis association.