Successful new approach for sarcoidosis rehab in the Netherlands

A chronic fatigue rehab program with a combined biomedical and psychosocial approach has been proven to have a clinically relevant effectiveness for sarcoidosis patients in the Netherlands

sarcoscoop_2014_nr3Exercise intolerance is a big issue for sarcoidosis patients worldwide, even when the disease is in remission. In many cases traditional pulmonary rehabilitation does not work for these patients.

Revant Schoondonck, a rehab centre in Breda, the Netherlands, has developed a novel approach. Sarcoidosis patients participate in a 12 week in-house program for patients with chronic fatigue. The approach is both biomedical and psychosocial.

Research by Rotterdam’s Erasmus University Medical Center in 2012 and 2013 has shown a clinically relevant effectiveness of this approach for sarcoidosis patients. Results have been shared during the European Respiratory’s Society conference in Barcelona last year. This novel approach has the potential of forcing a breakthrough in the ongoing medical discussion about rehab for sardoidosis patients.

This is reported in the september 2014 issue of SarcoScoop, the quarterly magazine of the sarcoidosis patients society of the Netherlands. Click here for the article in Dutch (pdf – 3 MB).


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