Jules Prast

Jules Prast

Jules Prast (The Netherlands, 1961) is a former journalist, government official and business executive who holds master’s degrees in modern history and mass communications.

After his military service as a reserve officer in the air force he first worked for the Dutch Ministry of Finance.

Subsequently he held senior executive leadership positions with ABN Amro Bank and Philips Electronics.

Due to sarcoidosis he had to cut short his active career in 2008. This was a life changing experience as was his subsequent discovery of buddhism.

From 2012 he was a contributing editor of the sarcoidosis patient magazine of the Netherlands, until his condition made him resign from this position in 2016.

Currently, when he is able to find energy, he writes for this website (Twitter: @sarcoblog) about sarcoidosis and his life with the disease. Some of his posts are republished on the website of the Dutch Sarcoidosis Society.

In addition, he writes about buddhism and spirituality for his other blog, Dhammablog.nl, Twitter: @dhammablog.