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Welcome to the Buddha Way on this English language home page of my Dhammablog.nl website. ‘Buddha Way’ is a notion central to this site. While the notion of Buddhaway has evolved throughout the centuries, the Buddha’s original articulation of the Eightfold Path has continued to resonate within buddhist communities until this present day. First and foremost, however, everyone’s buddhaway remains a personal one, as this site will once more make clear.

Inquire withinMy spiritual home lies in Zen Buddhism, especially with Hisamatsu’s modernized zen grounded in the ancient insight that “Buddha can be known never as an object but only as Self-Awakened Existence, as the Awakening awakened to Itself”. With Hisamatsu (1889-1980) and Sheng-yen (1930-2009) I trace zen/chan back to its Chinese roots, to sources such as Linji and Bodhidharma. Other major influences include Nagarjuna (Madhyamaka), Vasubandhu (Yogacara), Zhiyi (Tiantai), Shinran, Dogen, Ryokan and Thich Nhat Hanh. All of them you will find on this website.

While my heart is with Zen, my mind remains open to other forms of buddhism. Coming home to Zen has been preceded by a long journey along many other buddhist pathways. The articles of my blog, mainly written in Dutch, bear witness to my explorations deep into the jungle of many centuries of buddhism. The Buddhaway, so I have found out by experience, is not a straight line, which is why I have retained it as a title for my website.

Some parts of the site are in English, notably those which list the source texts (many downloadable) of major buddhist schools. Please check for yourself:

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