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This is an introduction in English to, a blog about Health & Disease, with a special focus on Sarcoidosis or Besnier Boeck disease. The principal language of this blog is Dutch, but some pages and posts are available in English (see link below).

Its author, Jules Prast, had to terminate his active career in 2008, after a serious form of sarcoidosis, a rare disease of the immune system, resurfaced in 2007. His first experience with the disease dates back to the early 1990s.

At the time in 2008 his activities had to be adapted to much reduced energy levels. After more than three years of intensive medical treatment, he served on the editorial team of the quarterly magazine of SBN, the sarcoidosis patient society of the Netherlands, from 2012 until 2016.

Because of recurrent disease activity he had to resign from this volunteer position in 2016. Instead, he now chronicles his ongoing struggle with sarcoidosis and its complications in his blog on this website (Twitter: @sarcoblog).

From time to time he writes English language summaries about sarcoidosis and related health issues to share with international readers. Please use the links below for an overview of English language pages and posts:

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